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ATMs in Fiji

Two Westpac ATM Machines, Suva FIji
Westpac ATM Machines

ATMs can be found throughout Fiji so you will be able to access additional funds 24 hours a day, with most resorts or hotels having several machines on their premises. Most of the larger establishments accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. You also have the option to take money out. across larger retail and food outlets at the checkout.

Physical Currency  – Remoter Parts of Fiji

View of Drawaqa Island coastline and Nanuya Balavu Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji
View of Drawaqa Island coastline and Nanuya Balavu Island, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

If your adventures take you to the remoter parts of Fiji, such as the outer islands or the richly forested mountains of the interior, be aware that the further you move away from the tourist hubs and main city centers, the more likely you will need physical currency. The beautifully designed coins and notes display the natural diversity of the flora and fauna of Fiji; these unique works of art will brighten up your purse or wallet. As Father used to say, ‘It is better to be safe than sorry’, so always carry a variety of different denominations.

Table of the Banks and Currency Exchanges

The Entrance to the Reserve Bank of Fiji
The Reserve Bank of Fiji
LogoEstablishmentTypeWebsiteFacebook Store Locator
No1 Currency FijiNo1 CurrencyCurrency ExchangeWebsiteFacebookStore Locator
Lotus Foreign ExchangeLotus Foreign ExchangeCurrency ExchangeWebsiteFacebookStore Locator
Moneygram FIjiMoneyGramCurrency ExchangeWebsiteFacebookStore Locator
Western Union FijiWestern UnionCurrency ExchangeWebsiteFacebookStore Locator
ANZ Official LogoANZBankWebsiteFacebookStore Locations
Westpac Fiji Official LogoWestpac FijiBankWebsiteFacebookStore Locations
Bank South Pacific FijiBank South Pacific FijiBankWebsiteFacebookStore Locations
Bred Bank FijiBred Bank FijiBankWebsiteFacebookStore Locations
HFC BankHFCBankWebsiteFacebook Store Locations
Bank of Barcoda Fiji Official LogoBank of BarodaBankWebsiteFacebookStore Locations

FIJI JOURNAL TOP TIP #1 (Tourists & Holiday Makers)

To avoid any type of security lock, potential flags, or alerts popping up on a bank teller’s screen while you are on holiday, send a quick notification to your bank that you will be going to Fiji and the travel dates.

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