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Do I Need A Licence To Fly A Drone?

Inspiration Drone Photo of Mango Beach Resort Fiji, Couple walking into the pristine waters, Shadows of Palms Trees reflecting on the water.
Inspiration Drone Photo of Mango Beach Resort Fiji (Courtesy of Tropical Go)

You don’t need a license to fly a drone for recreational purposes***, BUT YOU DO NEED TO APPLY FOR A DRONE PERMIT, all the details are below, you will need to know your Regulations and the scope of what you are allowed and not allowed to do.  Source. 

Safety TipsDo Not Fly Your Drone - Over / To / Around / At
Always maintain a visual line of sight of your Drone at all times.Airstrips, helipads, fuel depots, private property, vehicles, populous areas, sporting events, state-owned property.
Always fly your Drone below 200 feet (approximately 61 meters)Sensitive and restrictive areas, such as government institutions, prisons, hospitals, police stations, military barracks, and parliament grounds.
Always check weather conditions before and during every flight.Resorts without permission from management.***
Beyond your line of sight.

***This particular point cannot be stressed enough,  in Fiji, we have a lot of low-flying aircraft transferring guests from the main international airports to their respective resorts, via seaplane, fixed-wing flights, and helicopters.  so checking with management has to be the top priority when planning your drone adventure.  Ask the appropriate member of staff, via the resort’s reception desk.

How Do I Get A Drone Permit In Fiji

Drone Permit Infographic

The following steps break down the simple process of obtaining the recreational permit.  (Steps 1-2-4-5 are the steps you need to follow)

  1. Pre Application – Contact CAAF | Office Number +679 892 3155 | Email – info@caaf.org.fj | Three options here,
    • Phoning |  To get some greater information and reassurance on the process involved, this is not normally required
    • Email | Info@caaf.org.fj to get the latest information and PDF Formal Application sent directly to your inbox
    • Visit in Person | at the Nadi International Airport, you can pick up the physical form and fill out the details, it is heavily advised that you arrange your permits before you arrive, to avoid any kind of issues.
  2. Formal Application – Recreational | For recreational use fill out the OP137 Form
    • The form is very simple to understand and should only take a few minutes to fill out, just make sure you provide all the correct information (Example of the form is just below these bullet points)
  3. Formal Application – Commercial | For commercial use, fill out OP138 and attach liability insurance, letter of intent, and drone certification.
  4. Application Evaluation – CAAF evaluates the submitted application
    • The application process will only take a few days from start to finish via email.
  5. Formal Award of Permit – After the evaluation process has been completed satisfactorily CAAF issues the approval to the applicant
    • The approval document will be sent to you after the evaluation process.  Print the document and add this to your travel documents.

Permit for Recreational Use Form

OP 137 - Issue of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Declaration and Permit for Recreational Use Only_page-0001

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