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There is, however, regrettably, crime in Fiji like anywhere else. With senior detective departments broadening out across all the main police stations, they are smartly dressed and disciplined individuals, highly equipped and trained to international standards. You will not see a Colombo-type detective here turning up in his shabby raincoat and cigar in hand and saying, ‘Oh, there’s just one more thing…’

It is worth taking note of the nearest police station and community post and saving their contact details on your phone close to your residence in Fiji. You are most likely never going to use the information, but knowing your immediate surroundings and the main community services in your vicinity is highly recommended.

We have listed below all the police stations and community police posts in Fiji. The four tables are divided up by their respective divisions.

Central Division Police Stations & Community Posts

Side View of Lami Police Station in Fiji, Painted in Blue and White, Wooden two story building - Police Stations & Community Posts
Side View of Lami Police Station in Fiji, Painted in Blue and White, Wooden two story building.
Main Police StationCommunity PostTelephoneEmergencyMap
Nabua Police Station338 40005371Map
Vatuwaqa Community Post338 3622
Navua Police Station346 02225379
Pacific Harbour Community Post345 01565387
Wainadoi Community Post336 4220
Lami Police Station5420Map
Qaula Community Post336 3733
Delainavesi Community Post336 4020
Samabula Police Station 338 12225421Map
Tamavua Community Post332 0731
Namadi Community Post332 2584
Wailoku Community Post368 3019
Raiwaqa Police Station338 32225382Map
Grantham Plaza Community Post338 18695386
Valelevu Police Station339 3222Map
Nadera Community Post339 2666
Vivrass Community Post334 5050
Kinoya Community Post339 8944
Caubati Community Post339 7845
Newtown Community Post990 5312
Dokanaisuva Community Post332 1953
Kalabu Community Post339 2522
Nasinu Police Station339 22225372
Colo-i-Suva Community Post332 0706
Tuirara Community Post339 2551
Narere Community Post368 3355
Kadavu Police Station368 1268Map
Vanuabalavu Police Station828 0890
Lakeba Police Station828 0999
Moala Police Station 603 0307
Rotuma Police Station889 1222

Eastern Division Police Stations & Community Posts

Six Women Police Officers standing out the Vunidawa Police Station in Fiji's Eastern Division - Police Stations & Community Posts
Vunidawa Police Station
Main Police StationCommunity PostTelephoneEmergencyMap
Nausori Police Station347 72225374Map
Airport Community Post347 6221
Wainbokasi Community Post347 5358
Koronivia Community Post362 7016
Sawani Community Post348 5000
Baulevu Community Post368 5397
Raralevu Community Post 347 8541
Mauniweri Community Post368 3762
Nakasi Police Station341 07225737Map
Vunidawa Police Station368 5392Map
Naqali Community Post368 5391
Korovou Police Station343 0222Map
Natovi Jetty Community Post368 3021
Nayavo Community Post 368 3700
Waidalce Community Post368 3761
Dawasamu Community Post 368 3027
Levuku Police Station344 0222Map
Qarani Community Post369 3060

Northern Division Police Stations & Community Post

Exterior View of Mati Fijian Police Post Taveuni Island - Painted in blue and white, constructed of wood
Fijian Police Post om Taveuni
Main Police StationCommunity PostTelephoneEmergencyMap
Labasa Police Station881 12225377Map
Market Community Post990 4942
Delailabasa Community Post828 0919
Seaqaqa Police Station886 0222Map
Dreketi Community Post 828 09175385
Savusavu Police Station885 02225384Map
Saqani Community Post828 0925
Wailevu Community Post828 0920
Korotasere Community Post828 0916
Tukavesi Police Station828 3045Map
Rabi Community Post 828 0867
Taveuni Police Station888 0222
Matei Community Post888 0224
Nabouwalu Police Station828 0512
Lekutu Community Post828 0706

Western Division Police Stations & Community Posts

Sigatoka Police Station - Police Stations & Community Posts
Sigatoka Police Station.
Main Police StationCommunity PostTelephoneEmergencyMap
Lautoka Police Station666 02225377Map
Market Community Post666 66965389
Lomolomo Community Post628 0367
Shirley Park Community Post666 9493
Natokowaqa Community Post666 3306
Tavakubu Community Post664 0231
Vuda Community Post665 0550
Vitogo Community Post628 7803
Adams Place Community Post666 6305
Kese Community Post628 0700
Saweni Community Post628 3009
Ba Police Station667 4222Map
Koronubu Community Post628 6333
Raviravi Community Post628 00325376
Vatulaulau Community Post667 3322
Nukuloa Community Post 628 7802
Tauvegavega Community Post620 3909
Nadi Police Station670 02225378Map
Mulomulo Community Post628 0729
Nawai Community Post628 3322
Nawaicoba Community Post674 0022
Namaka Police Station672 22225375Map
Sabeto Police Station672 22855390Map
Rakiraki Police Station669 4222
Nakorotubu Community Post
Nalawa Police Station628 0005Map
Namarai Community Post367 9100
Sigatoka Police Station650 0222Map
Korolevu Community Post653 0122
Cuvu Community Post650 0155
Vatudradra Community Post628 1222
Kavanagasau Community Post628 2789
Korotogo Community Post652 05655388
Vunahalu Community Post650 1919
Kulukulu Community Post650 0727 or 628 0862
Navosa Police Station628 1466 or 603 1089
Tavua Police Station668 0222Map
Lausa Community Post628 1575
Vatukoula Police Station668 0622Map
Boarder Control HQ672 7333
Boarder Operation 672 2355

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