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With so much to discover, Fiji is the perfect destination for backpackers of all ages. Fiji is renowned as a paradise with friendly, welcoming people. All this and much more make Fiji the ultimate fantasy and challenge for backpackers, budget travellers, and free-spirited independent travellers.

Barefoot Manta Island and Uprising Beach Resort are members of the Duavata Sustainable Tourism Collective, a voice of like-minded tourism operators who believe tourism should enhance cultural heritage and the environment.

Basics Backpacking in Fiji

Blonde Female Backpacker walking around the town in Fiji, Backpack over her shoulders
Backpacking in Fiji

There’s so much to see and experience in Fiji, and we believe backpacking through the country is the ultimate way to do so. Fiji is a pristine and safe paradise for young travellers.

With an easy and affordable transport system, it’s a breeze to get around, enabling you to explore these islands. You will make new lifetime friends in no time, as there is so much to do all year. Learn to surf with the locals, go free diving along the many reefs, rent a car–the options are endless.  Whether you are seeking a comfortable place to spend the night or a tailor-made trip, Fiji has a wide variety of options. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

The Fijian spirit and happiness will flood over you with every interaction with fellow travellers and locals as you peel back the many layers of culture and history that have formed this multi-cultural Pacific haven. You will instantly feel at home with your new Fijian Family. The lifestyle in Fiji is very outdoorsy, which is understandable as the natural beauty surrounds you wherever you go. Why would you want to stay indoors?

We have put together below a collection of the top backpackers and budget accommodations available across the main island of Viti Levu to help you start planning for your next big adventure.

Table of Youth Hotels/Backpackers in Fiji

Aerial View Colo-I-Suva Rainforest Eco Resort Lake | Backpacker Hostels
Aerial View Colo-I-Suva Rainforest Eco Resort Lake | Backpacker Hostels (Courtesy of Management)
1Bamboo BeachNadiWestern Division
2Smugglers CoveNadiWestern Division
3Anchorage Beach ResortNadiWestern Division
4Tanoa Skylodge HotelNadiWestern Division
5The BeachouseCoral CoastWestern Division
6Mango Bay ResortCoral CoastWestern Division
7Bedarra Beach InnCoral CoastWestern Division
8Barefoot Manta IslandYasawa IslandsWestern Division
9Barefoot KuataYasawa IslandsWestern Division
10Naqalia LodgeYasawa IslandsWestern Division
11Tanoa Rakiraki HotelRakirakiWestern Division
12Uprising Beach Resort |Pacific HarbourCentral Division
13Rainforest Eco LodgeSuvaCentral Division

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