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Kiteboarding has to be one of the best travelling adventure sports of all time; it’s an incredible vehicle for experiencing the world and finding places you would never discover any other way. In the following article, we explore the ever-expanding community of Kitesurfers in Fiji, with links to the different venues that provide the equipment and the different levels of training.

Kitesurfing is a relatively new sport that was only invented in the 1970s. Over the last 50 years, the sport has grown to become one of the world’s most popular watersports, making its official debut at the Paris Olympics in 2024.

What is so good about Kitesurfing is that anybody can do it; all you need is the wind, and you go where the wind will take you. The only skill to start with is that you need to be a comfortable swimmer; the rest you can learn over a few adrenaline-pumping lessons. Your level of fitness isn’t a limiting factor either; the greater your physical stamina, the longer you can stay out in any given session, so the more you partake in this life-changing spiritual sport, the longer you can go without taking a break.

Why sit on the beach when you can learn a new way of life, discover the true beauty of Fiji under the guidance of the winds that sway the palm trees that line our pristine beaches, and in the evening enjoy the finest international cuisine and a cool refreshing Fijian beer to confabulate about your adventures?  Useful Website – Kite Fiji and Kite Jungle

7 Reasons why you should try Kiteboarding in Fiji

  1. It’s a great single or couple sport-the perfect sport for all.
  2. Clears and frees your mind.
  3. Amazing full-body exercise: A way to get fitter and healthier while having a continuous adrenalin rush
  4. It makes you want to have a continuous smile from ear to ear, ‘happy and healthy.
  5. It makes you get outside, travel, and see parts of Fiji you would never see via any other means.
  6. It’s a fast-learning and safe watersport; you can pick up the basics within a few short lessons.
  7. You’ll get to make new friends in a community of ever-growing, passionate people who love life.


Namotu Island Resort

Aerial View of a Kite Surfer on a pristine beach at Namotu Island Resort, Fiji
Kite Surfing at Namotu Island Resort, Fiji

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Namotu offers an array of kiting opportunities, with miles of flatwater for the freestylers and kiters and amazing waves like Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak, and Mini-Pools for the wave riders.

If you’re interested in learning to kite or perfecting your wave riding, check out one of Ben’s Kite Weeks, where gear, instruction, photography, and more are all catered to the kiter.  Of course, you are welcome to come and kite at Namotu Island any time of the year, with the winter months providing the best chance of trade winds (May–Sept).

Vacala Bay Resort

Kitesurfing at Vacala Bay Resort 
Kitesurfing at Vacala Bay Resort

Whether you’ve always wanted to try kiteboarding or you are already an addict, you will find Taveuni a kiteboarding Paradise! From flatwater riding behind the reef over a sandy bottom with no coral heads about, to kickers and waves offshore, to a world-class surf break just a short boat ride away, Taveuni has it all.

Vacala Bay Resort’s KITE school caters to first-time beginners and advanced riders. Private lessons with an IKO-certified instructor will help you advance very quickly and have you up and riding in no time. Vacala Bay Resort provides modern, safe equipment for your lessons. If you do not need any training or professional guidance, just bring your own gear and enjoy every windy minute.

Safari Lodge

Safari Lodge Kite Surfing Suncoast Western Division Fiji 1

Safari Lodge takes you to off-shore reefs and upwind launching points for awesome downwinders, all supported by their kiting boats.

If you’re already an experienced kitesurfer, you can either kite from the beach directly in front of Safari Lodge or jump into one of the support boats and enjoy the deep water at Kite Point. For the kitesurfing novice or total beginner, the resort has several learning spots with long, flat, shallow areas. Kite Point is situated on a sandy beach where you can pump, launch, and rip.  Safari Lodge is passionate about ensuring they provide fun and good-off-water facilities, making sure you have an unforgettable day. The windy months are April to late December, with steady onshore trade winds just made for kiting.

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