Luxurious 5-Star Island Resorts in Fiji


The following article outlines some of the most stunning world-class venues across the Fijian Islands, with links and more details in the accompanying tables. We have also covered seven travel tips that open the door to obtaining luxury travel normally only available to the more wealthy clientele; by steadily applying some incremental steps in your travel repertoire, the ability to savour the luxuries and world-class five-star facilities is open to everyone. By simply releasing funds allocated to one endeavour through saving and careful planning, you allow yourself to splurge on other areas that are normally not available to you.  We start with the ability to travel Business Class with Fiji Airways and the added benefits assigned to such status, so after reading the article, gather some information together (prices, dates, times, etc.) and see what is possible.

Affordable Luxurious Travel in Fiji

Fiji Airways Business Class Experience Airbus A350
Fiji Airways Business Class Experience Airbus A350

Why start your holiday when you actually physically land in Fiji when you can be introduced to the Fijian culture and renowned hospitality via the national carrier, Fiji Airways? From the time you arrive at your departure gate, Fiji Airways Business Class offers discerning travellers a unique and exclusive class of travel., Fiji Airways? From the time you arrive at your departure gate, Fiji Airways Business Class offers discerning travellers a unique and exclusive class of travel.

  • On the ground, customers will enjoy a dedicated check-in service, an increased baggage allowance, express airport lanes, and access to lounge facilities at selected airports.
  • Once upon the flight, one of the world-class flight stewards will escort you to your seat, which has a wider and extremely generous legroom. You will be presented with a showcase of fresh cuisine that fuses international gastronomy and local Fijian flavours through a three-course meal with an accompaniment of wines and beverages, alongside a full range of in-flight entertainment.
  • Upon arriving in paradise, you will be accompanied by ground transfers or internal transfers to your five-star residence.

Luxury Travel at a price your can afford…

Dining Event with Family and Friends at Nanuku Resort Pacific Harbour Fiji 1
Dining Event with Family and Friends at Nanuku Resort, Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Add a dose of luxury to your next vacation in Fiji with the following seven luxury travel tips, written with the sole purpose of providing you with some incremental steps you can slowly implement into your holiday routine, leading you towards achieving the jet-set lifestyle the rich and famous experience at a price you can afford.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #1 – Offseason Travel 

The Fijian Offseason is between the months of November and April. Some of the major benefits of travelling during these handful of months are as follows:

  • The flights and accommodations are rarely fully booked and are normally cheaper across the board.
  • The weather is generally good all year round; between November and April (the wet season), you will encounter periods of heavy rainfall, with the heavens suddenly opening up with torrential rainfall lasting for normally 5–10 minutes, then suddenly stopping, with the sun appearing again as if nothing has happened.
  • You can avoid the crowds, typically at a time of the year when the children are at school, so it’s perfect for adult-related holidays, though the weeks surrounding Christmas festivities can be ideal for a quick family escape.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #2 – Rent a Private Villa or Apartment

Renting an Apartment or Private Villa with a group of friends or family members will provide a lower price per person per night ratio while allowing you to have five-star facilities such as a swimming pool, a professional chef, and a private beach, to name a few.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #3 – Location Location Location

By just stepping outside the Tourism Hub, such as Denarau Island, and starting your search in the general area of Nadi (Namaka, Wailoaloa Beach, Martintar, and Momi Bay), you will open your eyes to a large variety of smaller, privately run establishments and Airbnbs. They can literally be a few streets away from the bustling tourism hubs, but you can save instantly.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #4 – Points to Travel

This may seem like the most obvious, but by getting the right credit card specifically geared towards earning you travel points on every card transaction, knowing that each time you will be contributing to your future vacation, the benefits will be clearly seen in the opportunities available to you to upgrade your flight seat to business class or your hotel accommodations on vacation at the time of booking.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #5 – Social Media Promote Venue

Use your social influence: nearly everyone now has a social media presence among the many available social media platforms on their phones. Simply adding the appropriate hashtags and promoting the venue you are staying at will, depending on your number of followers and interactions, make the venue more aware of your presence. This has led to many individuals being given an upgrade at the hotel or resort, a complimentary meal at one of their restaurants, or simply a glass of chilled champagne. The more you do this during your travels, the greater the opportunities become.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #6 – Checkout the hotel website

This is universally forgotten by most travellers, who automatically think that the prices will be substantially higher on the hotel’s own website than on the multitude of booking platforms that hug the top of all search engine results, but most of the hotels and resorts automatically give 30 percent of their fees to these international companies simply for the exposure of their brand. By booking directly with them via their website, you will not only potentially save big, but the venues will benefit as well. A little bit of deep diving might be required to find their seasonal specials and last-minute offers, as the venue’s website typically won’t automatically give you the best deal.

Fiji Journal Top Tip #7 – Baby Steps – Every journey begins with a single step

When you have a taste of the high life, it becomes addictive. Even if you are unable to live the luxurious life for your full holiday, start slow and steady; start with a luxury meal at one of the finest restaurants; stay at one of the many 5-star resorts for the final few nights of your holiday; or simply try a fine wine during a meal with your friends and family that is perfectly paired with your cuisine. Slow, incremental steps will lead you towards living the high life every time you take to the air.

Luxurious Accommodation in Fiji

Aerial View of the Six Senses Resort Fiji, Pool and Restaurant Luxurious Fijian Resort
Aerial View of the Six Senses Resort Fiji (Courtesy of Management)

Table of venues via destination.

The following table provides you with a handful of award-winning, luxurious resorts you should definitely consider when planning your escape to the Fiji Islands. We have added links to the respective venues and destinations.

1InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & SpaNatadola BayNadiWestern
2Sofitel Fiji Resort & SpaDenarau IslandNadiWestern
3Radisson Blu Resort FijiDenarau IslandNadiWestern
4Hilton Fiji Beach Resort and SpaDenarau IslandNadiWestern
5Sheraton Denarau VillasDenarau IslandNadiWestern
6Fiji Marriott Resort Momi BayMomi BayNadiWestern
7Outrigger Fiji Beach ResortSigatokaCoral CoastWestern
8Warwick FijiKorolevuCoral CoastWestern
9Royal Davui Island ResortBeqa IslandCoral CoastWestern
10Six Senses FijiMaloloMamanuca IslandsWestern
11Sheraton Resort & SpaTokoriki IslandMamanuca IslandsWestern
12Likuliku Lagoon ResortMaloloMamanuca IslandsWestern
13Tokoriki Island ResortTokoriki IslandMamanuca IslandsWestern
14Yasawa Island Resort & SpaYasawa IslandsYasawa IslandsWestern
15Kokomo Private Island FijiKadavu IslandKadavu IslandsEastern

Summing Up

An attractive young couple lying on massage beds at a spa outdoors
Spa at Savasi Island Resort

Adding a slice of luxury to your travels should always be a priority when booking your holidays because all of life’s moments are to be cherished. When exploring this beautiful world with your friends and family, spend a little extra time pre-planning and booking a few milestones in your itinerary that might need some pre-booking to avoid disappointment, and incorporating some of the top tips above into your planning repertoire will enrich your vacation. These tips, intertwined with spontaneous interactions with new acquaintances, will allow you to create a colourful montage of beautiful memories that live on throughout your life.

So take our advice and start living a more luxurious lifestyle, one step at a time.

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