Loloma Fiji: Fiji becomes the first nation to join the Leading Destinations of the World™ program by EarthCheck

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Fiji becomes the first nation to join the program, joining sustainable cities, regions, and communities such as Zurich, Switzerland; The Azores, Portugal; Sierra Gorda, Mexico; Westfjords, Iceland; Gero Onsen, Japan; Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates; and EarthCheck’s hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

Fiji becomes the first nation to join the Leading Destinations of the World™ program by EarthCheck, Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill said Fiji’s inclusion in this program reflects Fiji’s firm dedication to preserving its abundant natural beauty, unique ecosystems, and rich heritage.

“We are thrilled to have the backing of EarthCheck as we progress our sustainability journey,” he said. “Fiji’s rich biodiversity and culture are not only our greatest assets, but also our responsibility to protect. Through science-driven strategies, a focus on capacity building and sustainability efforts aligned to international best practices, we aim to ensure our paradise remains a cherished destination for generations to come.”

As part of benchmarking and certifying the destination, EarthCheck’s partnership with Tourism Fiji will include Loloma Fiji, an accreditation program for Fiji’s tourism industry.

Loloma Fiji gives local tourism businesses the ability to benchmark their performance in 10 key areas, including water, waste, and energy usage, and have their efforts audited and certified by an independent third party.

Tourism Fiji’s partnership with EarthCheck will also include sustainability training for their personnel, for businesses participating in the Loloma Fiji program and for the wider community.

““By empowering local communities and businesses with the knowledge and skills to participate in and benefit from sustainable tourism practices, Fiji aims to encourage ‘Loloma’ – to ‘act with generosity, from a place of love’.

The word encompasses Tourism Fiji’s approach to sustainability – a desire to involve the entire industry, as well as visitors, in efforts to protect the country now so future generations can thrive.

“This approach safeguards the environment and enhances socio-economic opportunities that build resilient communities.”

Stewart Moore, the Founder and CEO of EarthCheck, said participating in the Leading Destinations of the World™ program will allow Fiji to monitor its sustainability journey over time and put credibility behind its claims.

“Fiji’s commitment to sustainability aligns with EarthCheck’s mission to create a more resilient and sustainable future,” Mr Moore said.

Having joined the Leading Destinations of the World™ program, Fiji will now begin the process of benchmarking, performance tracking and working towards Silver (1-4 years), Gold (5-9 years), Platinum (10-14 years) and eventually Master (15+ years) certification.

“We’re the first country in the world to go down this path of certification, but we want to set an example for destinations across the Pacific,” Mr Hill said.  Together with EarthCheck, Fiji is poised to set new standards for responsible travel. We’re ready to show the world that a balance between nature, culture and commerce is not only achievable, but absolutely essential for a brighter future.”

About EarthCheck

EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for sustainable travel and tourism. 

Since 1987, we have helped businesses, communities and governments to deliver sustainable, clean, safe and prosperous destinations for travellers to visit, live, work and play. We understand the value of big ideas and the importance of clear communication. We know that what can be good for the planet is also good for business.
EarthCheck helps tourism businesses and destinations become more sustainable through certification, consulting, training and software solutions.

EarthCheck’s certification programs are respected by travellers, brands and destinations globally, and help consumers make informed decisions about the tourism experiences they choose.  When a travel business displays an EarthCheck certification badge, you’ll know they have been through a rigorous science-backed, people-focused sustainability certification process. It gives them the tools they need to measure their impact, and to make business decisions that save money, resources and the planet.

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