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Nestled on a hillside, The Anchorage Beach Resort stands as an intimate boutique retreat, boasting its private palm-fringed waterfront. Surrounded by vibrant tropical gardens, the resort offers captivating vistas of the Pacific Ocean, adjacent mountains, and distant uninhabited islands.

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Accommodation at Anchorage Beach Resort

Oceanview Rooms at Anchorage Beach Resort
Oceanview Rooms at Anchorage Beach Resort | Image: Supplied

The Anchorage Beach Resort showcases a diverse selection of accommodations, including Oceanview Rooms, Mountain View Rooms, Oceanfront Spa Room, Beachside Spa Villa, and One & Two Bedroom Apartments. Each lodging option ensures a premium guest experience, featuring spacious and inviting elements such as large comfortable beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, televisions, and telephones. The inclusion of private en-suite facilities, mini-fridges, and either a balcony or courtyard amplifies the comfort and convenience for guests. Notably, the One & Two Bedroom Apartments stand out by offering full kitchen and laundry amenities, catering to those seeking an extended stay. The resort’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of amenities and luxurious details in each accommodation style positions it as an ideal destination for travelers seeking both comfort and a touch of indulgence. Accommodation


Lobster Dish at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining
Lobster Dish at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining | Image: Supplied

Nestled along the shores of Fiji, The Anchorage Beach Resort is a culinary haven that celebrates the island’s rich and organic bounty. With a dedication to sourcing fresh produce from local markets, fishermen, and butchers, the resort’s local chefs curate a diverse menu of both international and Pacific Island cuisine. The Beach Bar & Restaurant, located on the beachfront beside the lagoon pool, offers an idyllic setting for open-air dining, whether indoors or on the open deck beneath the stars. Here, guests can relish in the flavors of the sea with a focus on the freshest seafood, complemented by daily board special menus. The Anchorage Beach Resort beckons visitors to savor a harmonious blend of culinary delights, immersing themselves in the authentic and delectable tastes of Fiji.  Dining


Fire Show at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining
Fire Show at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining | Image: Supplied

The Anchorage Beach Resort extends an extensive array of resort and local activities, catering to a diverse range of interests and budgets. Their Tour Desk stands as a gateway to a plethora of options both on land and water, as well as in the air, ensuring a tailored experience for every guest. From cultural immersions such as village visits to more adventurous pursuits like hiking expeditions, cycling tours, and thrilling skydiving adventures, the resort offers a spectrum of choices to suit varied preferences. Water enthusiasts can indulge in island cruises, sailing, diving, and fishing, while those seeking a different perspective can opt for aerial sightseeing. With a commitment to providing options for all budgets and preferences, The Anchorage Beach Resort promises an enriching and personalized stay, where every guest can curate their ideal Fijian experience.  Activities

Meetings & Event Space

Delana House at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining
Delana House at Anchorage Resort Fiji Dining | Image: Supplied

The Anchorage Beach Resort presents an ideal venue for team gatherings, whether it be an intimate meeting, a large conference, or a themed outdoor event. Tailoring their facilities to accommodate both small groups and expansive divisions, the resort offers a variety of onsite amenities. From incorporating Fijian traditions and culture into your event to engaging in water and land-based team-building activities, the resort ensures a customized and memorable experience.

Whether it’s a Pirates treasure hunt, a Wild Wild West-themed affair, a Coconut husking competition, or a relaxed day at Beachcomber Island with a Beach BBQ, the options are diverse and adaptable to specific preferences. The resort’s private resort jetty facilitates exclusive island trips for the whole group, enhancing the overall experience. Delana House, with a capacity of up to 220 people, serves as a versatile meeting space, complemented by smaller meeting rooms, all featuring natural light, open-air settings, and the warm hospitality of Fijian staff. With a wealth of experience in organizing conferences, meetings, and special events, The Anchorage Beach Resort has garnered a reputation for providing exceptional value for money, ensuring that every event is a seamless and successful affair.  Events Space


Beach Front Wedding at Anchorage Resort Fiji
Beach Front Wedding at Anchorage Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

The Anchorage Beach Resort offers a captivating setting for couples to exchange vows against a backdrop of lush mountains, endless blue skies, and the serenity of the Pacific Ocean. Tailoring to the spectrum of wedding dreams, the resort provides customizable packages, overseen by a dedicated wedding coordinator committed to translating visions into reality. From intimate affairs to grand celebrations, the resort’s experienced staff ensures a seamless and memorable ceremony, handling everything from venue setup to sumptuously prepared receptions. With ancillary services encompassing catering, hair and makeup, professional photography, and audiovisual equipment, every detail is meticulously curated to create a cherished and enduring memory of a couple’s special day.  Weddings

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