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Barefoot Kuata Island: Somewhere between the end of the earth and the beginning of heaven is a little slice of paradise called Kuata Island. This unspoiled stretch of beach is conveniently located just two hours from Nadi and forms the gateway to The Yasawa Islands. Remote, yet easy to travel to, Kuata is an island of extraordinary natural beauty and spectacular panoramic views. Our relationship and working partnership with the local community is what gives Barefoot Kuata its true Fijian authenticity. Come and explore our remote caves, tropical beaches and stunning coral reefs – where you can snorkel with friendly white-tipped reef sharks.  Getting Here 

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Accommodation Barefoot Kuata Island

Beachfront Bure At Barefoot Kuatau Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Fiji
Beachfront Bure At Barefoot Kuatau Fiji, Yasawa Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

With a whole tropical island to explore, and so many activities available throughout the day here at Barefoot Kuata, it is essential to have a private little piece of paradise to wind down in. Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, a family or a group – we are confident that one of our accommodation types will ‘tick the box’ of your island living dream. There are five different types of accommodation here at Barefoot Kuata, each with something different to offer in terms of size, layout, style and views.  Accommodation


Family Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Family Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Barefoot Kuata is perfect for active families who enjoy spending time with their children, and are seeking a holiday that they will remember forever. We also understand however, that it is nice to have some adult time, and are more than happy to organise babysitting services while you are on a dive or enjoying a romantic sunset drink and dinner.

You won’t find any televisions on the island and we have yet to meet a junior guest who has asked for one! There are a range of activities for the kids including snorkelling, swimming in the warm waters of one of our many beaches, crab-racing, coconut bowling, basket-weaving with coconut leaves, fishing, kayaking or running rampant with our resident marine biologist as they learn about our numerous conservation efforts.

We also offer introductory scuba diving lessons for guests as young as 10 years old. Be sure to check out our daily activity boards for details, or speak to one of our friendly staff for more information.  Families

Day Trips

Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island, yasawa Islands, Fiji
Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island, yasawa Islands, Fiji. | Image: Supplied

Looking to experience island living for the day? Here’s how you can spend a day in paradise at Barefoot Kuata:

A leisurely two-hour cruise departs Denarau Marina every morning at 8:45 taking you through the stunning Mamanuca Islands on board the fast-speed catamaran Yasawa Flyer II operated by Awesome Adventures Fiji. You’ll know when you have reached your destination – look out for our Fijian Warrior on the rock welcoming you to the beautiful island of Kuata, with the unmistakable white beaches, impressive volcanic mountains, and the famous Phantom Rock caves.

Water Activities

Water Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island, Fiji
Water Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

The fact that Kuata Island has a long stretch of beach and a coral reef on both the Eastern and Western side of the island means that no matter the weather, there is always a spot to get out of (or into) the breeze. Apart from the amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities here at Barefoot Kuata, there are a number of other water-based activities worth trying out!

Take a kayak or SUP board out for a paddle along the the shoreline, park off on a secluded section of the beach, and get a closer view of the famous Phantom Rock Caves.

Catch of the day? Enquire with our team about a guided fishing trip, or book yourself onto a boat cruise to take in the dramatic scenery of Kuata Island while sipping on a few drinks and watching the sunset. The South Pacific waters surrounding the island are full of adventure and mesmerising beauty, just come and see for yourself!  Snorkel With Reef Sharks

Land Activities

Land Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, Fiji
Land Activities at Barefoot Kuata Island Resort, Fiji | Image: Supplied

From guided walks in the jungle, to cave and rock pool exploring, basket weaving, or even coconut jewelry-making classes – there are a variety of activities outside of the tropical waters that are worth doing during your stay at Barefoot Kuata. Whatever your interest may be, simply chat with our friendly staff and they will be happy to assist.

The walks around the island really are incredible, ranging from fairly energetic to a casual stroll. While the island is yours to explore, a guided walk with one of the local staff is also highly recommended – ask about different plants and their medicinal purposes, and learn about the fascinating history of the island. Many of the walks culminate in a spectacular view out over Kuata Island and her surroundings.

Interested in learning more about the local Fijian community? For a small additional charge, we can organize a village visit for guests, where a local guide will share some insight into the day-to-day life and culture of the Fijian people. Certain dress and behavior codes will be required, but you will be advised on these prior to leaving for the village.  Land Based Activities


Diving at Barefoot Kuata fiji, yasawa Island Fiji
Diving at Barefoot Kuata Fiji, Yasawa Island Fiji. | Image: Supplied

Whether you are a first-time diver or an experienced professional we have diving to amaze you. We firmly believe it’s not just where you take people diving but how. We have a team of diving staff and marine biologists who will make your experience truly remarkable.

If you need comforting guidance they will hold your hand and help you through. If you are seeking knowledge about what you are seeing, we have the answers. Many divers spend hours underwater not really understanding what they are looking at.  Our staff will make your diving more enjoyable forever with a new appreciation of the underwater environment.  Diving


Conservation Project at Barefoot Manta Ray Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji.
Conservation Project at Barefoot Manta Ray Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji. | Image: Supplied

Our approach to conservation is real and practical. We do not believe in boasting about small gestures in an attempt to justify calling ourselves an eco-inspired resort. We actually prefer not to be referred to as an eco-resort as it is almost impossible to run a resort with zero negative impact on such a small remote island. What we do hope, is that the projects we run will more than compensate for that impact.

At Barefoot Kuata we have singled out a number of projects that we firmly believe will benefit the environment and local communities. The health of the coral reefs surrounding the Yasawa Islands is of paramount importance to the future well-being of the Yasawa people. For generations, they have survived primarily by using coral reefs as a food source. Now in the modern age, as they look to improve their lives, the main source of income is tourism – and a key ingredient to encouraging tourism is healthy coral reefs.


Wedding at Barefoot Kuata Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Wedding at Barefoot Kuata Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Celebrate your big day in style by hosting the wedding at Barefoot Kuata.  We have a number of incredibly scenic venues to choose from for the ceremony (make it as formal or informal as you please) and let the Barefoot team help you create a truly magical wedding.

We always recommend that if you are inviting friends to travel in for the wedding, allow at least a couple of days on the island prior to the wedding in order to shake off the jet lag. What better place than a tropical island paradise to gather friends and family for a few days of relaxation, adventure and celebration?  Weddings

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