All Lau Group

The Lau Group, made up of a few small islands in Fiji’s Far East, offer a glimpse of Fiji often not seen by tourists.

Mostly undeveloped, life here is simple and somewhat wild – there are no restaurants or hotels, and only two islands have guesthouses. If you’re prepared to venture off the beaten track you’ll get to experience Lau’s unique culture. If you want to see a place that’s utterly unspoiled, while still offering the traditional Fijian hospitality, then visiting the Lau Group is your chance.

Domestic Airports | Lau Islands 

  • Cicia | NFCI | ICI | Cicia Airport
  • Kaibu | NFKB | Kaibu Airport
  • Lakeba | NFNK | LKB | Lakeba Airport
  • Moala | NFMO | MFJ | Moala Airport
  • Ono-i-Lau | NFOL | ONU | Ono-i-Lau Airport
  • Vanua Balavu (Vanuabalavu) | NFVB | VBV | Vanuabalavu Airport