All Lautoka Accommodation


As the second largest city in Fiji, Lautoka faces limited accommodation choices compared to the capital, Suva. Our team has categorized the Lautoka area into three sections for your convenience: Lautoka City Center: Hotels and resorts within walking distance of the city center. City Outskirts: Accommodations that may require a short bus, boat, or taxi ride to access city amenities, providing a balance between convenience and a more secluded environment. Saweni Beach & Vuda Point: Celebrated among locals, this picturesque coastal gem offers a pristine white sandy shore, creating an idyllic setting for swimming and relaxation. It is just a 14-minute drive (9 km) from Lautoka City via Queens Rd.  Vuda Point: A prominent headland strategically located on the edge of Lautoka, encompassing the charming village of Viseisei, the Vuda Marina yacht harbor, and quaint resort complexes. The distance from Lautoka City is a 20-minute drive (12.8 km) via Queens Rd.