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Maravu Lodge: Imagine, if you can, a paradise so perfect that man and nature still exist in perfect harmony with one another. Turquoise water twinkles in the blazing sunlight. Lush green landscapes are laden with flowers, fruits and bright red chili peppers. It is silent—save for the slow creak of the ancient coconut palms lazily blowing in the breeze, the gentle waves rhythmically throwing themselves upon the white sandy shore, the quiet cries of the country’s most exotic species. And it doesn’t end there! Friendly Fijians also inhabit this island. Solemn keepers of both land and culture, they wander this wilderness carrying with them the passed-down practices, legends and traditions of their ancestors. Looking after the land and the people which look after them.

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Maravu Lodge with manicured grounds on Taveuni Island Fiji
Maravu Lodge with manicured grounds on Taveuni Island Fiji | Image: Supplied

Amid the Taveuni jungle, peering out across the Somosomo Straight sits the fabled five-star resort Maravu — a once exclusive escape now turned humble lodge. Accommodation is laid out like a Fijian Village and every room has high ceilings, hardwood floors, and traditional decor.  Accommodation


Bar at Maravu Lodge, Taveuni, Fiji
Bar at Maravu Lodge, Taveuni, Fiji | Image: Supplied

The little restaurant/cafe is open daily. The open plan dining area allows stunning views at meal time. Make the most of the massive indoor/outdoor deck area for dining or relaxing


Diving at Maravu Lodge
Diving at Maravu Lodge | Image: Supplied

Rainbow Reef’s Dive Sites | Located just off the Vanua Levu coastline, the Rainbow Reef is home to many of the Strait’s best dives. And it certainly lives up to its hype – especially when tides, currents, and nutrients are just right.  Diving the Great White Wall | Somosomo’s most famous dive site is far more interesting than it sounds. The sheer drop-off boasts a dazzling display of hard and soft corals, colourful sponges, and crinoids.  Diving

Hosting Groups

Whether you’re seeking an affordable day venue, a special meal or group-friendly accommodation on Taveuni, we have some great options. Any special requests are warmly welcome.  Groups

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Rugby Training Camps
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Mini-Conference

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