Namotu Island Resort

Aerial view Small Island, Big Playground at Namotu Island, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Namotu Island is Fiji’s world-class destination for water and sports experiences with easy access to Fiji’s premier surf breaks. Namotu is the closest island to all seven unique surf breaks including the famous Cloudbreak.

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Accommodation at Namotu Island Resort

Love Shack Namotu Island Accommodation.
Love Shack Namotu Island Accommodation | Image: Supplied

Namotu Island is a boutique resort with 11 rooms offering a unique range of comfortable and private accommodation options for couples, singles and even families. All rooms have ocean views, air conditioning and direct beach access.  Accommodation

Bar and Restaurant

Namotu Island Dining Delicious Sushi
Namotu Island Dining Delicious Sushi | Image: Supplied

Namotu Island offers a unique daily menu incorporating a variety of international cuisines with a focus on fresh produce. We catch all the fish for our restaurant ourselves and are proud to serve you the best, sustainably sourced seafood. All our dishes have been designed to showcase the best in local and imported delicacies from throughout the Pacific region.


Experiences at Namotu Island Resort, Fiji
Experiences at Namotu Island Resort, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Guests can spend all day in, over, and under the water. No matter what activity you may be interested in, Namotu Island’s attentive staff is there to make it happen on your schedule.  Namotu Island offers an array of incredible experiences and access to world-class surf breaks.  Experiences


Diving at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Diving at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

If you’re after something deeper, there are over 30 excellent SCUBA and SNUBA dive sites in close proximity to Namotu. We engage a third party dive company to take you out and you’ll be picked up straight from Namotu and escorted to your chosen dive site. If you’d like to do your open water dive course while in Fiji, we recommend completing the Padi online course and a medical clearance before you arrive so you can simply complete the practical component across a couple of half-days.  Diving


Two Spear Fishermen At Namotu-island With Their Catch
Two Spear Fishermen At Namotu-island With Their Catch | Image: Supplied

Fishing around Namotu is great all year long with many different species on offer. Our fishing boat, the Mai Kana, supplies fish for our restaurant and each week has a resident fisherman who is in charge of ensuring we are fully stocked so guests can enjoy fresh Yellowfin tuna Spanish Mackerel sashimi, barbecued ruby snapper and many more tasty delights. Fresh fish is so important to us here on Namotu and you can get involved if you want!

The fisherman will usually head out in the morning and afternoon and guests are more than welcome to jump onboard and do some angling. There is no better place to get a taste of fishing than Namotu because it’s so close; most of the time the Mai Kana is within sight of the island and heads back in for lunch so you can join for a morning or afternoon without being caught out there all day.  Fishing


Foiling at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Foiling at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Foiling has taken off again in the last couple of years and we are fortunate enough to have amazing places for paddle foiling and kite foiling. The waves on the inside of Swimming Pools and Namotu Lefts on high tide offer exceptional foiling and are a great place to practise your skills.  Foiling


Kitesurfing at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji
Kitesurfing at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Namotu offers an array of kiting opportunities with miles of flatwater for the freestyle kiters and amazing waves like Namotu Lefts, Cloudbreak and Mini-Pools for the wave riders. If you’re interested in learning to kite or perfecting your wave riding, check out one of Ben’s Kite Weeks where gear, instruction, photography and more is all catered to the kiter. Of course you are welcome to come and kite here anytime with winter months providing the best chance of trade winds (May-Sept).  Kitesurfing


Wellbeing at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji.
Wellbeing at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Each week we have a resident yoga instructor who offers a daily yoga class to all guests under the shade of coconut trees overlooking Namotu Lefts. It has to be one of the most beautiful studios in the world and after a long day on the water there’s nothing better than a chance to stretch and breathe.

Our instructors are all surfers who understand what you need after hours spent surfing, SUPing, kiting or fishing and can cater for beginners through to advanced yogis.  Wellbeing

Signature Weeks

Family Hoilday at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji
Family Hoilday at Namotu Island Resort, Mamanuca islands, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Signature Weeks –  These weeks go beyond even the Namotu experience to deliver a world-class package where everything from lessons with the best to photography, food & yoga is included. Whether you want to work on your foiling, kitesurfing, stand-up paddleboarding, or score the catch of a lifetime, these exclusive Signature Weeks are the next level.  Signature Weeks


We are situated a stone’s throw from Fiji’s best surf breaks. Check Namotu Lefts, Swimming Pools and Wilkes Pass from the beach or travel just 10 minutes to surf Cloudbreak and 5 minutes to Restaurants. We have lefts and rights, fast and hollow or waves for beginners. Surf, SUP, kite, foil or sail, we have it all on our doorstep.

Unlike other resorts, we include unlimited use of surfboats so you can spend as much or as little time in the water as you like. Need to re-apply sunscreen or switch boards? No problem, our boat will take you back to shore and bring you right back out in minutes.

We also have resident surf guides to help you get the most out of your time on and off the water. These watermen and women come from all over the world, including Fiji, and love the island as much as our guests. In fact many have been coming back every year for many years (just like our guests). Whenever you’re in the water you’ll have one of our guides there with you to not only ensure your safety, but provide advice, condition info or just a friendly face.

Here on Namotu we are spoilt for choice with so many incredible waves right on our doorstep. They are all different and there’s usually one to suit varying conditions and abilities. Our guides will always be able to provide advice on where and when you should go but here’s a basic outline of what you can expect.  Surfing

Getting to the Island

Upon arrival at Nadi airport, you will be greeted by our friendly Namotu Island staff. Your journey to the island begins aboard one of our private air-conditioned buses for the 45-minute ride through Nadi town and down to the coast. A Namotu longboat will meet you at the Marriott Momi Bay and bring you across to the island, which usually takes about 25 minutes.If requested by prior arrangements, a helicopter can fly you to the island in less than ten minutes.  If you’re flying out later you’ll spend the day at the Marriott. Enjoy lunch, relax by the pool, and then our transfer service will take you to the airport.

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