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Nila Beach Resort Fiji is the quintessential setting for travelers seeking a quieter and more natural vacation that deviates from the conventional mass-traveler experience. Nila Beach Resort, nestled in a tranquil cove, hits to the heart of that revitalizing and enlightening experience.

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In the picturesque Vuda Point area, Nila Beach Resort stands as the embodiment of a decade-long dream realized by Mohan Chinnusamy and his wife, Nila, whose name affectionately graces the property. Spanning 23 acres of carefully developed land, this haven is strategically located just a brief 10-minute drive from Lautoka, known as Fiji’s Sugar City, and a mere 15 minutes from the bustling Nadi Town.

Nila Beach Resort, a sanctuary for those seeking a departure from the conventional mass-traveler experience, unfolds as the quintessential setting for a tranquil and more natural vacation. Nestled in a serene cove, it encapsulates the essence of a revitalizing and enlightening escape.

As guests arrive at Nila, they find themselves embraced by the stunning vistas of the Malolo Group of Islands, framed by glorious sunsets each evening. The rugged mountains stand sentinel in the backdrop, creating a harmonious symphony of nature. Nila Resort invites its visitors to simply relax and savor the unique experience it offers—a perfect blend of tranquility and natural beauty.


Comfortable Furnishings at Nila Beach Resort Fiji
Comfortable Furnishings at Nila Beach Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

Nila Beach Resort presents an enticing proposition for travelers seeking spacious and luxuriously appointed rooms, fulfilling the most coveted desires of comfort and relaxation. With 22 thoughtfully designed rooms, the accommodation at Nila Beach Resort is a testament to their commitment to providing a homely ambiance with ample room space. The carefully curated furnishings ensure a serene and comfortable stay, inviting guests to indulge in a truly rejuvenating experience.

The well-appointed rooms boast either a king-size bed or two double beds, complemented by amenities such as a spa tub, 42” television, study table, coffee table, air-conditioning, refrigerator, safe, clothing cabinet, phone service, free Wifi, and tea and coffee making facilities. Nila Beach Resort takes pride in offering a holistic experience, with continental breakfast included for two guests. For those traveling with larger families, inter-linking rooms are available, and additional beds can be arranged at an extra cost, catering to the diverse needs of their cherished guests. Come, witness, and immerse yourself in the epitome of comfort at Nila Beach Resort.   Accommodation

Dining Flavours to be Explored

Restaurant Porch at Nila Beach Resort Fiji
Restaurant Porch at Nila Beach Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

Named after the first grandchild of the resort director, Eshaa Restaurant & Bar at Nila Beach Resort stands as a culinary haven, contributing a delectable dimension to the overall resort experience. Renowned for offering tantalizingly affordable and appetizing meal options, the restaurant ensures a gastronomic journey that caters to diverse palates.

Helmed by two skilled chefs from India and complemented by the creativity of a local chef, Eshaa Restaurant & Bar boldly explores a fusion of Western, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. The result is a unique and flavorful menu that promises blissful dining satisfaction, all while guests enjoy the backdrop of stunning ocean views that enhance the overall dining experience.

The restaurant opens its doors daily for lunch from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, and dinner is served from 5:30 pm until late. As an added delight, guests are treated to a daily complimentary continental breakfast from 8:30 am to 10 am, further enhancing the overall culinary journey at Nila Beach Resort.  Dining


Sunset at Nila Beach Resort Fiji
Sunset at Nila Beach Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

Nila Beach Resort offers an array of critical elements designed to enhance the guest experience. The superb dining options at the restaurant & bar, coupled with adult and children swimming pools, create an atmosphere of relaxation and recreation. The resort also features designated picnic spots, parking facilities, and complimentary Wifi to cater to the practical needs of its esteemed guests.

Further enriching the experience, Nila Beach Resort offers specialized amenities such as a massage bure for ultimate relaxation, along with wedding facilities for those seeking a romantic celebration. The resort’s commitment to guest satisfaction is reflected in additional services, including laundry and housekeeping. For leisurely moments, guests can enjoy activities such as darts, a swing set, and a pool table, ensuring a well-rounded and memorable stay at Nila Beach Resort.

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