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A Tranquil Island Getaway –  Oneta Eco Resort is a small family-run eco-resort on one of the most untouched and beautiful islands in Fiji.  It is very remote, it’s a little wild, and it’s somewhat hard to get to – but that’s exactly the point.  Hidden away on an island with no roads, Oneta Resort is one of the few places in the world where you can still find both quiet solitude and true adventure.

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Beachfront Bures at Oneta Eco Resort

Beachfront Bures at Oneta Resort, Kadavu, Fiji.
Beachfront Bures at Oneta Resort, Kadavu, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Oneta Eco Resort:  Vesi (named after a local dive site and also a namesake of a native tree) and Shark Alley are the two beachfront bures and they are just a short walk from the main lodge. Both have high-pitched soga palm roofs and private decks facing the beach. They are shaded by greenery and fruit trees but have a clear view of the ocean that is only a short distance away.

Each of these bures also has an en suite bathroom and a bamboo-enclosed outdoor shower with plenty of hot water. Sit on your porch and enjoy an afternoon drink as you count the fish jumping in the ocean.

Deluxe Two-Bedroom Bure

beach Bure at Oneta Resort, Kadavu Island Fiji.
Beach Bure At Oneta Resort, Kadavu Island Fiji | Image: Supplied

Our newly renovated two-bedroom deluxe family bure, Archway (named after another dive site), is designed with a family or larger group in mind.  The two semi-private king bedrooms (sliding barn door between them) allow you to choose how much privacy you want.

It has a large living room/dining room area with a beautiful teak daybed and a large en suite bathroom with two semi-private stalls.  The two spacious outdoor enclosed showers accessible from the porch allow a quick shower after a day on the water before entering.


kayaking at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji
Kayaking At Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

We haven’t even begun to explore all there is to do just around Oneta and we encourage our guests to be adventurous. Paddle the kayak south down the coast and find the mangrove forest at high tide. Enter the mangroves through a small marine passage and follow until the mangroves are all around you. If you keep going and emerge from the mangroves you’ll hear children singing their lessons at one of the local schools on Ono.

Or take the kayak the other way around the island to some of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Fiji. We’ll pack a lunch for you and pick you up if you run out of steam.


Fishing at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji
Fishing at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Come fish the Great Astrolabe Reef with us for a fishing experience you will remember forever. The ocean waters around Oneta hold a huge variety of sports fish, including monster Giant Trevally and Bluefin Trevally, fierce Dogtooth Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna, beautiful Red Bass, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, etc.

We encounter huge GTs -up to 50kg – and these Trevally are pound-for-pound the heavyweights of the reef. These brutes push anglers’ skills to the limit and require a great crew onboard to land them. Whenever possible and especially for trophy-sized fish, we have a catch and release policy (after we take your pictures of course).


Diving at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji.
Diving at Oneta Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

We have a purposefully small diving operation here at Oneta Resort so we can really personalize each dive experience for our guests. Although we have our favorite dive sites we will always discuss with guests what they want to see.

If you want to track down some giant humphead wrasse or schools of barracuda, we’ll take you to the places they are often found. How about some beautiful swim-throughs with colorful Gorgonia fan corals, or caves? Or let’s go someplace entirely new that nobody has ever seen before.  Diving

Getting to Oneta

Air Travel | Most guests arrive at the international airport in Nadi and then fly straight on to Vunisea, Kadavu with Fiji Link. These are small aircraft and there can be availability issues on certain days. Make sure that there are seats on the Fiji Link airplane before you proceed with any bookings.

Kadavu to Oneta | Once you land in Kadavu we will be at the airport to greet you and will take you by boat to the resort. It is about an hour boat ride from the Kadavu airport to Oneta depending upon the weather. It is a beautiful trip down the length of the island of Kadavu, across the Kadavu passage, and then around to the west side of Ono Island.

Plane Charters | PACIFIC ISLAND AIR has seaplanes for charter that will take you directly to our beach. While the expense is significant it is certainly the fastest way to arrive at the resort.

Travel by Ferry | There is a weekly ferry that sails from Suva to Kavala Bay to Vunisea, then back to Suva. Kavala Bay is the closest stop to Ono Island. The ferry is actually the way that we get most of our supplies to Oneta Resort because it not only transports people but also food staples, building materials, livestock, and anything else that might need to be shipped to the outer islands. This method of travel is the most economical as well as provides the most exposure to local culture. It leaves Suva around 10 pm and arrives at Kavala Bay around 6 am.

We strongly recommend if you attempt to travel with the ferry that you get the first-class tickets to secure a seat. The alternative is to grab a spot on the floor. Traveling by ferry is one of the more interesting ways to travel around Fiji but it takes a special kind of traveler to appreciate it.

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