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Papageno Eco-Resort: on the untouched island of Kadavu in Fiji, blends world-class scuba diving, fishing, cultural activities and an array of other adventure experiences (snorkeling, free diving, spearfishing, waterfall hiking, kayaking, stand-up-paddle, surfing, etc.) all within a secluded, tranquil and unique oceanfront hideaway with a lush, tropical rainforest backyard setting.

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Papageno Eco-Resort is truly a one-of-a-kind getaway spot that caters to both those looking for a peaceful and relaxing stay or those looking for a bundle of adventure-level water and land experiences, whilst making Papageno feel like your home away from home.

Stay at Papageno Eco-Resort

Stay at Papageno Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji
Stay at Papageno Eco Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

The environment and staff of Papageno Resort have a genuine knack for creating the feeling that you’re staying in your home away from home. Fijians are known to be some of the most warm-hearted people in the world and Kadavu Island is especially true to that claim with the tagline of Fiji’s ‘Traditional Isle’.  Stay

Papageno Resort is settled oceanfront on its vast and intriguing 320+ acre freehold property on the calm and protected Malawai Bay. The land and sea surrounding Papageno offer so much to explore, and, at the same time, so many places to relax in a tranquil paradise around the South Pacific Ocean. Our property hosts an extensive organic farm and so much more.


Restaurants at Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji.
Restaurants at Papageno Resort, Kadavu Island, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Meals at Papageno are inclusive of your stay and all meals are social events with all our guests dining together family (matavuvale) style. As we hope our guests adopt “Fiji Time” while at Papageno, all meal times and tea time are announced by the sound of the traditional Fijian drum, the Lali.

There is a beat pattern for guest meal times that will become familiar in the first few meal times and also a pattern for our staff breaks. The Lali pattern for staff breaks is played at 10 am and noon, so no need to stop what you’re doing when you hear the staff Lali pattern.  Cuisine


Leisure Activities at Papageno Resort, Kadavu, Fiji
Leisure Activities at Papageno Resort, Kadavu, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Papageno Resort sits on a vast 320+ acres of property where all accommodations are immersed in unspoiled Fijian nature and culture. Our location on Kadavu Island is the perfect hosting grounds for yoga retreats, dive groups, adventure groups, weddings, company retreats, and more!


Fishing at Papageno Resort
Fishing at Papageno Eco-Resort Kadavu, Fiji | Image: Supplied

On the Kadavu Island Archipelago, fishing is a way of life. There are so many types of fish to pull up from the waters surrounding Papageno. Our guides are always enthusiastic to get out on the water to catch lunch or dinner with our guests. We offer trolling or bottom fishing. When you make your catch, be prepared to have it served to you that night for our Sea-To-Table experience.  Fishing


Dive at Papageno Eco-Resort Kadavu, Fiji
Dive at Papageno Eco-Resort Kadavu, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Papageno Resort is so lucky in the dive world in that there are over a dozen world-class dive sites within a 20-minute boat ride from our shores. We invite you to take advantage of this location feat and jump in the water for a few tanks with our local dive masters. Our dive masters were born and raised in the villages surrounding these dive sites and know them extremely well.

The home reef for Papageno Resort which is also a Marine Protected Area is called Rooper Reef. It hosts dive spots like Chambers, Crossroads, Group Tube, and the one and only wreck dive on Kadavu Island: The Pacific Voyager. Sunk by some of our staff in 1994, a 63-meter long tanker, The Pacific Voyager, lays over 30 meters below the ocean’s surface. Over our local dives, sites are host to a wide variety of fish, invertebrates, and nudibranchs.  Dive

Sustainability & Community

At Papageno, we are absolutely committed to the natural environment and surroundings which enable us to live healthy here and host visitors from all over the world. Some of our ecological principles are listed below:

Energy – To reduce our impact on the air and our dependence on non-renewable forms of energy, Papageno uses a combination of solar, micro-hydro, and a backup diesel generator to meet our power needs. There are plans to expand our renewable energy sources by adding solar panels in increasing the size of our battery bank and by researching the feasibility of installing a wind-powered generator.

Waste – Papageno treats its wastewater bypassing it all through a series of septic tanks and beds. Our organic waste is composted on site.

Food – We do not use any artificial chemicals in our vegetable gardens. In fact, most of the food you eat at the resort is organic and is produced locally, thereby aiding the local economy.

Conservation Projects – We invest a large amount of time and resources into nature conservation and community development projects. These go beyond the resort’s property to aid nearby villages, schools, and natural preservation areas. Our goal is to keep Kadavu as beautiful and natural for future generations as it is now.

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