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Designed by divers – Taveuni Dive Resort is the best Resort-to-Reef experience on Taveuni. Our sustainable resort is focused on providing comfort, service, and being the best gateway to the authentic Taveuni adventure. For 12 years, Taveuni Dive has been the preferred choice for diving on the island of Taveuni. We’ve listened to what our guests wanted in a dive resort, and built it.

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Rooms & Bures at Taveuni Dive Resort

Luxurious Bure Interior at Taveuni Dive Resort
Luxurious Bure Interior at Taveuni Dive Resort | Image: Supplied

Our guests have called them luxurious, amazing, and special. We call them a great place to unwind, relax, and escape. Taveuni Dive Resort has eight bures. Bure is the Fijian word for a wood-and-straw hut, sometimes similar to a cabin. Bures were often dark and smoky, used as a sort of retreat for Fijian men – that’s right, bures were a Fijian man cave. Today, bure is often synonymous with the bungalow or other detached hotel or resort structure.

Taveuni Dive Resort’s bures are far more comfortable than traditional bures. Each of our bures is named after a favorite Rainbow Reef dive site. Each bure is carefully located to balance your need for privacy with easy access to the social areas on the resort grounds, including the Salty Fox Bar & Grill, the pool, and seating areas around the resort gardens.  Rooms


The Salty Fox Bar & Grill at Taveuni Dive Resort
The Salty Fox Bar & Grill at Taveuni Dive Resort | Image: Supplied

Carl Fox always wanted that sweet destination restaurant where you could spend an afternoon hanging out with cold beer and great food. Designing the resort, we realized we had the ideal place to build a dream. Somewhere loved by guests, locals, and yachtsmen just passing through. Welcome to the Salty Fox Bar & Grill. The Salty Fox is the open-air restaurant at Taveuni Dive Resort. It’s spacious, right next to an incredible infinity pool with a nice view of the Somosomo Strait.


Civa Pearl Farm | Image: Supplied | Image: Supplied
Civa Pearl Farm | Image: Supplied | Image: Supplied

To make the most of your stay, there are a number of fantastic activities that may be of interest on Taveuni. We’ve noticed both our diving and non-diving guests want to go see what makes Taveuni so special. Our staff can help you see what’s around and how to get there. It would be our pleasure to help organize these activities for you.  Activities


Diving at Taveuni Dive Resort
Diving at Taveuni Dive Resort | Image: Supplied

Carl and Muriel Fox acquired Taveuni Dive in 2002 with the mission to provide the safest, most reliable access to the incredible locations around Taveuni, Fiji. We hire experienced, local divemasters to assure you enjoy the wonders of the Rainbow Reef. We provide well-maintained, up-to-date equipment, and instruct PADI courses with our talented instructors.

Your safety is paramount. Carl has 40 years of experience in the dive industry and has been a PADI professional for more than 35 years. Feel free to bring your own gear, but if you are traveling light or just starting out, we offer a full range of the latest well-maintained rental equipment.  Diving


Taveuni Dive Resort Sustainably Designed and Operated
Taveuni Dive Resort Sustainably Designed and Operated | Image: Supplied

Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We could get behind that definition. Taveuni and the Somosomo Strait are special, and our business thrives on sharing these special places with guests from around the world. Designing and operating our resort in a way consistent with the principles makes sense to us.  Sustainability

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