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Taveuni Island Resort is a private boutique resort owned and run by the charismatic Cammick family. Ric and Dorothy Cammick moved to Fiji in 1973 from New Zealand and were the pioneers of Scuba diving in Fiji. Ric Cammick named and helped make famous the Rainbow Reef dive site. He and Do were inducted into the National Hall of Fame for Scuba Diving in 2012 for their work in Fiji. Over the course of forty-plus years, they have realized their dream of designing and building a luxury resort to share and showcase their favorite island with friends and guests. They are joined in running the Taveuni Island Resort by two of their sons and a dedicated staff of employees from Taveuni island who are part of the resort family.

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Taveuni Island Resort Villas

The Grande Matalau villa at Taveuni Island Resort Fiji
The Grande Matalau villa at Taveuni Island Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

Set in ten acres of lush and colorful tropical gardens Taveuni Island Resort and Spa’s all-inclusive luxury private villas will make you feel truly special. Beautifully appointed villas create maximum comfort with stunning panoramic views over gardens, oceans, and islands. Relax and be pampered, or explore our island paradise. As each day closes walk out from your lounge onto expansive decks and enjoy cool breezes, spectacular sunsets, and starry skies. Lose yourself in luxury, and remind yourself the world is a wonderful place.  Villas


Taveuni Island Resort Evening Dining
Taveuni Island Resort Evening Dining | Image: Supplied

Taveuni Island Resort is proud to have its own organic farm and garden for our farm-to-table creations featuring freshly picked herbs, organic vegetables, and tropical fruits as well as free-range meats. Our talented chefs take the island’s daily bounty and the freshest of local ingredients to create a delight of culinary experience.

In true Fijian style, the food is artfully presented and a feast for the senses. A food lover’s delight. Dine in our beautiful open-air restaurant with expansive views or you have the option to reserve the private dining bure nestled on the hillside looking out over the ocean.  Cuisine


Spa at Taveuni Island Resort, Taveuni, Fiji
Spa at Taveuni Island Resort, Taveuni, Fiji | Image: Supplied

Complete your day in paradise at our resort spa. Let one of our trained staff use specialty-made Fijian body products to soothe and polish you into complete relaxation. Receive your massage in our beautiful spa or outside on the private massage deck to the sound of the waves. Deepen your relaxation on our sunset/yoga deck with magnificent views.  Spa

Perfect Weddings

Perfect Wedding at Taveuni Island Resort Fiji
Perfect Wedding at Taveuni Island Resort Fiji | Image: Supplied

PERFECT FIJI WEDDINGS | Take your vows in the gardens ablaze with tropical flowers…Or at sunset, on the deck, overlooking crystal water…Or on the white sandy beach, under the tropical sun… We specialize in romantic wedding ceremonies.

UNFORGETTABLE HONEYMOONS | Enjoy an intimate gourmet picnic on Honeymoon Island; choose a romantic spot for an intimate candlelight dinner; join the Fijian Meke night and experience local culture. Kayak together from bay to bay amidst schools of colorful tropical fish, slide down waterfalls, and dive into the natural rock pools.  Weddings

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