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Tiliva resort is a unique beachfront resort located on Kadavu Island on the Great Astrolabe Reef.  With few roads, little outside development, and minimal light or noise pollution, Kadavu Island remains one of the most pristine environments in the world, where old Fijian customs and lifestyles are alive and well.

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Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic Fijian culture, experience unique eco-adventures, or just enjoy the natural world around them.  For scuba divers, the Great Astrolabe Reef offers a wide variety of coral and fish sure to amaze.

Tiliva Resort is more than a vacation location. It actively works with volunteer organizations to provide a vacation/volunteer opportunity like no other.  If you need to unwind and volunteering is not your thing, Tiliva Resort is still the place to experience a variety of exciting adventures and activities.  Traveling Here | The Grand Bure | Bure’s

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