Vomo Island Fiji

Experience heartfelt holiday moments where time slows to soothe the soul. Indulge for days in a perfect island paradise. Contemporary beachfront accommodation. Cleansing cuisine. A genuine and joyful family of staff catering to your every whim. You’ll want for nothing.  Private, Pristine, Perfect. The Island that has it all. | VOMO is a stunning privately owned 87-hectare (225 acres) island located in the Mamanuca Island group of Fiji, on the cusp of the Yasawa Islands. A breathtaking location. Private. Pristine. Perfect. A luxury all-inclusive resort.

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The Vomo Islands are made up of VOMO and the tiny island of Vomo Lailai. VOMO offers the only island resort on these stunning islands and is one of the most luxurious resorts in Fiji. As one of the largest and most beautiful islands in Fiji, VOMO is never crowded. It is fringed with long white sand beaches on both sides of the island, plus several other small beaches, enabling you to always find your own little spot in paradise. Mt Vomo rises on the eastern side of the island and provides a spectacular 360-degree view to those who wish to conquer it. Tip…go early and catch the sunrise.

Relaxed Contemporary Stylish Island Accommodation designed with you in mind.  A selection of six (6) spectacular private residences, stunning beachfront, or hillside villas. Dramatic, authentic, and flawless in design.

Private Residences | Beautifully appointed luxury holiday homes with endless enchantment. A rather glamorous holiday option. For families and couples.  Taleitaki | The BeacHouse | The Palms | The Reef House | The Residence | The Royal

Luxury Resort Villas | Beachfront or hillside. Steps to the beach. Views unrivaled. Luxury Fiji Accommodation. Beachfront Family Retreats | Beachfront Villas & Havens | Hillside Villas | Floor Plans
sushi at Vomo Island Resort, Mamanuca Island, Fiji
Incredible food and wine isn’t just something we’re passionate about, we’re renowned for it.

VOMO’s Executive Chef Iain Todd, hails from Tasmania Australia, where he honed his skills to bring the freshest local ingredients to the table, with flair and flavor to tantalise the palate. Iain leads the VOMO culinary team in the creation of world-class cuisine and premium international beverage selections served throughout VOMO, that fit just perfectly into the tropical environment. The VOMO culinary team ensures VOMO’s highly regarded reputation as a premier gourmet destination in the South Pacific.

With produce sourced from the best domestic and international suppliers, dishes are complemented with ingredients straight from VOMO’s own gardens. With a great love for food and creating memorable dining experiences for guests, our team strives to better the dining experience with each meal.

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Snorkelling at Vomo Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji.
Once you’ve luxuriously lounged your way around every pool chair you may find yourself wanting a little more action. VOMO will not disappoint. Whether it’s land or water-based ‘things to do’ you’ll find yourself wondering why it’s been so long since you’ve allowed yourself to have so much fun.

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Fishing at Vomo Island Resort, Fiji.
The waters around VOMO offer a rich variety of both pelagic and demersal species, from giant trevally, spanish mackerel and coral trout, all of which can be encountered throughout the year. The art of fishing, reading the tides, feeding times and breeding patterns is ingrained within the Fijian culture and our passionate team at Ocean Play are well versed in all species around VOMO and further adrift.

Troll and casting around VOMO or learn the local tradition of hand line fishing. Hand line fishing is a great family experience and a great opportunity to introduce children to the joy of fishing. With our experienced crew, even the most novice fisherman can be confident of catching that once in a lifetime fish.
Diving at Vomo Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji.
VOMO has an array of great sites, very close to the resort and with some fascinating diving, including swim through caves.

The island is located between the Mamanuca and the Yasawa Island groups. The waters neighboring Vomo Island Fiji have constantly warm waters with wonderful visibility.

Submerge yourself in vast schools of butterflyfish and oriental sweetlips; drift the channels with white tips, Giant Trevallies, and Blue fin King fish; descend deep sea ridges with napoleon wrasses and spotted eagle rays; spot turtles or marvel at the stunning species that inhabit the massive volcanic reef-formations. Exciting sites with thrilling channels, coral-filled overhangs, fascinating caves, or interesting tunnels and boulders are waiting for you.

Snorkel with parrot fish, the beautiful blue linckia sea star, small reef sharks, and anemone fish just to name a few in front of Mamanucas and Yasawa Beach. Vomo Padi Ocean Play Dive Centre offers tailor-made programs and personalized experiences with specialty courses taught by a very high experienced instructor.
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