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At KANU we celebrate Fiji. We use our native ingredients and traditional techniques to create a contemporary dining experience. KANU is an exploration of Fijian culture through food and drinks. Chef Lance Seeto has submerged himself in the Pacific way of life, history, and communities for the past decade. His cuisine is a fusion of flavors and a reflection of his travels and experiences. A journey through the new tastes of Fiji awaits you.

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The Seasonality & Exploration

Chef Lance Seeto and KANU highlight the incredibly diverse flavors that have existed in Fiji for many years while starting a conversation about the food of the future. Extensive travel throughout the country has exposed Chef Lance to many techniques and diverse ingredients.

The Sustainability & Preservation

Using sustainably-sourced seasonal produce, KANU aims to create awareness around how beneficial and flavorsome the traditional diets and ingredients of Fiji were while influencing and educating today’s audience to eat and live healthier through learning new ways to enjoy Fijian flavors.

The Bar

Chef Seeto has collaborated with Taveuni’s Elevate Organics to include euphoric and energy-boosting herbs, flowers, and spices from their farm to put you into an island state of mind.

KANU is set apart from the industry as a contemporary interpretation of Fijian flavors that showcase unique native ingredients. It aims to evolve and elevate Fijian cuisine while also inspiring the culinary scene to look to their own history to create their future of food, before looking overseas for inspiration.

The Journey

Chef Lance Seeto has spent years traveling throughout Fiji, venturing to new regions to hear the stories and absorb all he can about the culinary culture.

His travels and the native ingredients sourced from local farmers have inspired him to create a redefining menu that combines traditional Fijian gastronomy with modern techniques and influences from across the Pacific region.

The restaurant name KANU has significant meaning in the experience. KANU, is the colloquial pronunciation of ‘canoe’, and just as this vessel opened up the world of the Pacific and beyond for Fiji, so too does our restaurant open the eyes of our guests who are taken on a journey to explore the flavors and influences of new Fijian gastronomy.

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