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26th August 2023

ATS Pacific And TTF Drive Mangrove Planting Initiative

ATS Pacific And TTF Drive Mangrove Planting Initiative

ATS Pacific and TTF jointly led a mangrove planting effort at Tiperia, Lautoka on August 26th, 2023. A total of 200 mangroves were planted in the early hours of Saturday morning. This was made possible by an in-house social club fostering staff engagement.

10th July 2023

Lautoka Swimming Pool Project Set for Mid-Next Year Completion, Reveals City Council CEO

Side View of the Olympic Sized Swimming-Pool in Lautoka Image Courtesy of Lautoka City Council
Olympic Sized Swimming-Pool in Lautoka (Image Courtesy of Lautoka City Council)

The Lautoka Swimming Pool Project is on track to be finished by the middle of next year, according to Mohammed Anees Khan, the chief executive officer of the Lautoka City Council. Khan expressed his delight after an announcement that $4.5 million has been allocated to ensure the completion of the long-awaited project.

“The planning for the resumption of the project is currently underway in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government,” Khan revealed.

Prof Prasad announced that the Coalition Government has pledged an additional $4.5 million to ensure the project’s successful conclusion. Once finished, the swimming pool is expected to serve the residents of Lautoka, local communities, schools, swimming clubs, professional athletes, and visiting sports teams. Full Article

16th June 2023

The 4-Month Ban On All Species Of Grouper (Kawakawa) And Coral Trout (Donu)

Four Month Banned Species in Fiji
Four-Month Banned Species in Fiji

The Fiji Government has banned the harvest, sale, buying, possession or export of all species of Grouper (kawakawa) and Coral Trout (donu) during their peak spawning months, from the 1st of June through to the 30th of September, to help revive these rapidly declining fish species.

Why is the Ban Needed? – Kawakawa and donu are A-grade fish that are critical food and income for Fijians. But these fisheries are facing collapse, if no management action is taken. The ban is intended to ensure the fish species are allowed to successfully breed each year, so the stocks recover. Because if we let them breed each year, we can have more fish the rest of the year.  Full Article

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