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Latest Sport Fishing News from Fiji 2023 – Its warm, tropical waters and rich oceanic ecosystems, make Fiji an excellent place for fishing all year round. Fiji is teeming with various types of fish of all sizes, great fishing spots, and a wide variety of marine life, making game fishing on these islands an adrenaline-pumping and memorable experience…

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May 21st 2023

Blokes Boats Beers & Involuntary Farting 💨 Epic Fishing Trip

Blokes Boats Beers & Involuntary Farting Epic Fishing Trip
Blokes Boats Beers & Involuntary Farting Epic Fishing Trip – Immersion Fiji Youtube Thumbnail

Youtube Description – Here is a little look into what going out on an Immersion Fiji fishing charter is like.  When I got a call from Jason explaining the situation he was in, I wanted to make sure he and his mates had an absolute blast on their fishing adventure with us.  The weather was against us but it didn’t stop these guys from catching some fantastic fish!

The boys were mainly fishing topwater stick baits and poppers with the target species being Giant Trevally. The boys managed to land plenty of GTs with a few of them well over 15kg. They also landed some beautiful Bluefin Trevally and some of the biggest Red Bass I have ever seen caught fishing topwater.

As I said in the intro, I was never planning on making a YouTube fishing video out of this trip. So there is not a lot of talking to the camera or a storyline. But there is plenty of epic fishing with an awesome bunch of blokes.  This was definitely a charter I will never forget.  CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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