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November 15, 2023
Tanoa plaza Corporate Shoot Reception
Tanoa plaza Corporate Shoot Reception | Image: Supplied


The Tanoa Hotel Group is a family owned and operated business established more than 40 years ago. We have 8 hotels in the South Pacific – in Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Our hotels operate on the basis of true family values, and in each and every hotel, people share these values and work together to achieve them.  The tanoa bowl is a Pacific symbol of welcome and hospitality, and the Tanoa brand is synonymous with our desire to offer excellent customer service and exceed the expectations of our guests.

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Tanoa Hotel Group Employee Awards For Fiji And The Pacific

Tanoa Hotel Group held their employee of the year awards 2023 in style as the event was held after 4 years due to covid.  The awards were in three categories covering front of the house, heart of the house and Star Team leader of the year from all 8 hotels across Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa. The nominees together with their Managers were joined by Managing Director, Rohit Reddy, Directors, Kamini Reddy and Kalpana Reddy, Board Chair, Mr. Pramesh Sharma, and Chief Guest / Motivational Speaker Dave Letele to the awards night held in Nadi on Wednesday, 15 November 2023.

The employees were the guests of honor and their Managers put on the aprons and were at their service through the evening.  One of the key highlights of the evening, aside from announcing the winners, was the presentation by the Chief Guest, Mr. Dave Letele.

David Letele is a living and breathing proof that obesity can be overcome – and an inspiration to thousands of Kiwis through his organization, BBM. Once weighing 210 kilograms, Letele now weighs less than half of what was before. He achieved this transformation through hard work and dedication and was fuelled with the goal of turning his life around. Dave now works tirelessly to motivate others to deal with the challenges of obesity.

“It was quite fitting to have Dave as our guest speaker as we wanted to go over and above the effort of recognizing the hard work our team does. We wanted Dave’s story to inspire our people to not only work hard but also have a work life balance so they can enjoy life both while at work and while with their loved ones. We provide weekly an hour’s paid wellness session for all our staff as we believe in the approach taken by Dave and his team at BBM that the origin point for future success begins with health” stated Mr. Rohit Reddy while introducing Dave to the team.

Dave Letele’s key message to the team was to believe it is possible to achieve anything provided one stays consistent in the plan to achieve that goal and not to give up along the way.

The staff and management sincerely appreciated Dave’s session and continued to enjoy the night with great food and some amazing performances from some of the hotels together with Rako live band which added more spice especially during the announcement of winners and celebration thereafter.  [Pacific Press Release PDF]

11th November 2023

Tanoa Hotel Group Continues To Promote Sustainability.
Tanoa Hotel Group Continues To Promote Sustainability | Image: Supplied

Tanoa Hotel Group Continues To Promote Sustainability.

Environmental stewardship has been at the forefront of our tourism industry and Tanoa Group of Hotels has engaged with local communities to emphasize the importance of promoting and advocating green sustainable initiatives.

One such initiative was planting of mangroves on Friday, 03 November at Taiperia (Yavusa Saru Historical Site) by the Tanoa Team from all the Hotels in Fiji lead by Fiji Area General Manager Mr. Narend Kumar.

“It was very pleasing to see our Team from Tanoa Plaza Hotel Suva join the rest of us from the west for this worthy cause, Said Mr. Kumar. This strongly demonstrates our commitment and passion to green sustainable programs towards our local communities and we ensure that limiting our carbon footprints will not only benefit us but our people, the future generations and above all our guests as well”, added Mr. Kumar.

This sustainable initiative was a success through a collaborative effort with Ministry of Forestry, Western team, in identifying an area of need for this project and there could not have been a better location than the Yavusa Saru Historical Site for the mangrove planting. Tanoa Hotel Group was also grateful to Ministry of Forestry who provided the 300- mangrove seedling for planting.

The Group also took the opportunity to provide some Diwali themed hamper packs to the Taiperia settlement families to show their appreciation for allowing them to activate theirsustainability initiative on their shoreline and at the same time celebrate the festivity of Diwali spirit with them.  [Press Release PDF]

“Diwali is always celebrated in a unique way in Fiji where we promote unity, peace, and harmony amongst the multi-ethnic society that we live in by sharing our celebrations with all. We also take this opportunity to wish all our guests, colleagues, and business partners a happy Diwali as well especially from our Group Chairman, Mr. YP Reddy, Managing Director Rohit Reddy, and Director Kamini Reddy”, stated Mr. Kumar.

October 2023

Mental And Emotional Wellbeing A Priority For Tanoa Group Photo
Mental And Emotional Wellbeing A Priority For Tanoa Group Photo | Image: Supplied

Mental And Emotional Wellbeing: A Priority For Tanoa

With the influx of tourists, buzzing hotels and rushed lifestyle, it becomes challenging to keep up with one’s personal health.  This October, The Tanoa Hotel Group partnered with Mending Minds Foundation (Fiji) to provide mental health awareness to the staff and managers.

‘All too often, Health and Safety at the workplace evolves around physical safety. It is vital to give needed attention to emotional and mental wellbeing as well’, said the Area General Manager, Narend Kumar. ‘Our people are at the core of our business. People’s wellbeing and health is crucial to proper operations. We want our staff to be happy and be fit in every way possible. That is why we as a business are keen to organize and support initiatives that promote this’.

Head of People & Performance, Ms. Sharol Vere said, ‘Business has been busy and almost everyone is hands on with work. Amidst all this, Tanoa Hotel Group has been taking a keen interest in the emotional and mental wellbeing of its people. We know it is impossible to leave personal problems at the gate and enter the hotel with a free mind. We carry our thoughts and emotions everywhere we go. Add to it work demands, we can have a handful. So, we were happy to partner with Mending Minds Foundation and very grateful to have Ms. Prem Singh, the Founder of MMF to deliver this session herself across all our hotels in Fiji. The staff were able to reflect within themselves and receive help.

We believe in personal coaching and professional counseling and are willing to step in to help as and when needed.’

Ms. Prem Singh, Mental Health Specialist, Founder, Executive Director of Mending Minds Foundation (Fiji) said, ‘It was an honour to collaborate with Reddy Group to spread the message of hope and recovery. Some of the key messages from the “Your Mental Health Matters” advocacy sessions were identifying & managing strong emotions; coping with signs and symptoms of stress, trauma, anxiety, depression etc; conversations on self-harm and suicide; substance abuse; self-care & mindfulness; and diversity and inclusion etc.

We hope to utilise this space as an opportunity to break the silence, reduce the stigma, and encourage people to seek help and support for their mental health needs. We would like to thank Tanoa Hotel Group for creating a supportive space for us to raise awareness. Mending Minds pledges to continue raising awareness, educate, support, and advocate for people with mental health challenges and provide moral support to their families and communities’. Tanoa Hotel Group staff from all over Fiji, were given the chance to be part of this wellbeing session.  [Press Release PDF]

October 2023

Handover of Reddy Foundation Cheque to Fiji Cancer Society, from left, Mere Rakoroi, GM Tanoa Plaza Hotel, Ms. Belinda Chan, CEO Fiji Cancer Society, Chief Guest Dr. Swaran Naidu, Medical Practitioner, Guest of Honour, Dr. James Fong, PS Ministry of Health, and Medical Services, Narend Kumar, Area GM Tanoa Hotel Group, Shaneel Padarath, Reddy Foundation Trustee and Group Financial Controller Tanoa Hotel Group and Sarjheel Singh, Group Executive Chef, Tanoa Hotel Group
Handover of Reddy Foundation Cheque to Fiji Cancer Society.  Tanoa Hotel Group | Image: Supplied

Reddy Foundation Will Be An Ongoing Commitment

Cancer is a formidable adversary that affects countless lives and families, transcending borders, and boundaries. It is a battle that tests the strength and resilience of individuals and communities alike. In the face of this challenge, organizations like the Reddy Foundation; the Charity arm of the Reddy Group, parent company of Tanoa Hotel Group stands as a beacon of hope, embodying the spirit of compassion and unity.

The Reddy Foundation’s recent donation of $10,000 to the Fiji Cancer Society serves as a testament to their unwavering dedication to the well-being of the community. It is a shining example of how individuals and organizations can come together to make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

“I would like to thank and acknowledge the Fiji Cancer Society as it has been a light and steadfast ally of hope for those battling cancer. Your tireless efforts in raising awareness, offering support, and facilitating treatment have provided comfort and hope to countless individuals and families throughout Fiji. It is our privilege to stand by yourside, supporting your mission to alleviate the burden of cancer”, said Mr. Narend Kumar, Area General Manager, Tanoa Hotel Group Fiji while handing over the cheque to the Fiji Cancer Society Team.

The $10,000 cheque that the Reddy Foundation had generously donated is not just a financial contribution; it symbolizes a shared commitment to making a meaningful impact. It is a pledge to support the Fiji Cancer Society in their vital work and to uplift those who are facing the challenges of cancer with courage and resilience.

“We have been associated with Fiji Cancer society for number of years, we are one of the first organizations to recognize the need to assist our people and this was initiated by Mr. Y.P Reddy. I would like to acknowledge him this evening for recognizing the need to support Fiji Cancer Society and most importantly recognize breast cancer survivors”.

I would also like to express our deepest gratitude to the Chairman of Reddy Foundation and its Board of Trustee for their spirit of generosity and their ongoing commitment to giving back to the community. Their generosity is a source of inspiration, and it serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is always room for compassion and kindness”, added Mr. Kumar. In his closing remarks, Mr. Kumar stated for us to remember that our ability to make a difference extends far beyond this single donation. It is an ongoing commitment that we carry in our hearts and actions every day. Together, we can support the Fiji Cancer Society in their mission to provide care, comfort, and hope to those in need. [Press Release PDF]

21st July 2023

Karneel Manik Samy has been appointed Head Chef at Fins Restaurant Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka 2023 - Karneel standing next to the Fins Restaurant Signage
Karneel Manik Samy has been appointed Head Chef at Fins Restaurant Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka 2023 – Karneel standing next to the Fins Restaurant Signage | Image: Supplied

Karneel Manik Samy has been appointed Head Chef

Karneel Manik Samy has been appointed Head Chef at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel in Lautoka. After completing his culinary education and gaining experience at various establishments, he returned to his hometown to work at Tanoa Rakiraki Hotel.

His dedication and skills earned him promotions, and in June 2019, he joined Tanoa Waterfront Hotel as an Assistant Cook. As Head Chef he will lead a team of 12 chefs.  The Tanoa Hotel Group is committed to nurturing local talent for senior management roles, aligning with its vision of being a 100% locally owned and managed company.

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