Wakaya | Organic Ginger & Turmeric from Fiji

Wakaya Perfection.

Wakaya Perfection, founded by the late David Gilmour, the creator of FIJI Water, along with his business partner David Roth, is significantly enhancing Fiji’s global presence by promoting locally-made products on a large scale.

Roth emphasizes that both he and David Gilmour harbored aspirations to advance Fiji’s agricultural sector by exporting top-tier processed organic goods globally, including kava and sea salt. Their commitment to Fiji’s growth extends to significant investments in both agriculture and tourism.

David Roth, the company’s co-owner, co-founder, and CEO, with deep ties to Fiji, reports that Wakaya Perfection’s products are now available in prestigious retail outlets like Harrods in London. Specializing in organic, kosher, and halal Fijian products such as ginger and turmeric, Wakaya Perfection ensures worldwide accessibility through meticulous processing and packaging.

Local farmers stand to gain substantially from partnering with Wakaya Perfection, as the company pledges to offer technical support and premium prices for their produce. This collaboration not only benefits individual farmers but also positions Fiji as a provider of premium organic products to discerning international consumers.

Roth’s imminent visit to Fiji underscores their dedication to furthering investments and exploring the untapped potential in both the agricultural and tourism sectors. Through initiatives like Wakaya Perfection, Fiji is carving a niche in the global market for high-quality, locally-sourced organic goods.

Video: About The Wakaya Group – Organic Ginger & Turmeric from Fiji