Counting Corals Signing with Tourism Fiji..

Tourism Fiji announces its partnership with Counting Coral, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of coral reef ecosystems through innovative sculptural coral gene banks. This collaboration aims to support sustainable tourism initiatives while promoting marine conservation efforts in Fiji’s stunning waters.

Counting Coral is renowned for its unique approach to coral restoration, utilizing sculptural gene banks that not only serve as vital habitats for marine life but also as captivating attractions for tourists. These sculptural gene banks are carefully designed and installed to safeguard resilient and diverse coral genetics, whilst enhancing biodiversity, and raising awareness about the importance of coral reef conservation.

One of Counting Coral’s notable projects includes the installation of its first sculptural coral gene bank in 2022 at Blue Lagoon Beach Resort on Nacula island. Building on this success, Counting Coral has embarked on its next venture, the Vomo Project, scheduled for March 2024 on VOMO Island. This project will be designed to host over 500 parent corals, further advancing coral conservation efforts in the region.

Tourism Fiji’s partnership with Counting Coral is an extension of its efforts and commitment to sustainable tourism and protecting Fiji’s natural beauty for future generations.

“We are excited to partner with Counting Coral to promote green tourism and marine conservation in Fiji,” said Srishti Narayan, Chief Marketing Officer at Tourism Fiji. “Research shows that consumers increasingly desire information on sustainability from lodging and transportation providers to make informed decisions. By supporting innovative initiatives like Counting Coral’s sculptural gene banks, Tourism Fiji aims to raise awareness about the importance of coral reef conservation while providing unique experiences for visitors to Fiji.”

“Addressing a challenge as monumental as the climate crisis is daunting, and the importance of a future where coral reefs exist doesn’t always resonate with the public in the way that it should. We couldn’t be happier to connect and join forces with the team at Tourism Fiji. The security of Fiji’s natural beauty is worth every ounce of effort imaginable, and it’s going to be done in such a unique way,” stated Brooke True, Executive Director, Counting Corals.

Counting Coral’s sculptural gene banks not only serve as crucial habitats for marine life but also as educational tools and attractions for tourists, highlighting the beauty and fragility of coral reefs. Through this partnership, Tourism Fiji, and Counting Coral aim to inspire visitors to appreciate and actively contribute to the preservation of Fiji’s breathtaking marine environment.

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